Some stuff I’ve whipped up on the side:

  1. Billtrakr: This sample site automatically updates as bills make progress through Virginia’s General Assembly. It’s a great way to keep government affairs committee members, your board of directors, or the membership at large aware of legislation key to your association’s interests. I can customize a Billtrakr for legislation in the Virginia General Assembly or US Congress.
  2. Association Comments-o-matic: I’m an enthusiastic blog reader and I often find that the best indication of what’s hot in the association blog community is the comments made by readers. Unfortunately, comment feeds are scattered all over the place and I sure as heck don’t need to add +/- 20 more feeds to my RSS reader. So I mashed them all together and set up comments-o-matic to make it easy for you and me to better understand what’s being discussed out there.
  3. Social Media Salary Survey: Salary information for social media pros.